The Caregiver School is a place to pass on the essential values of caring for others, offering non-professional caregivers and volunteers the knowledge, techniques and skills to provide people with high quality care during the later stages of their lives.


    We provide the necessary tools to support the work carried out by family caregivers and volunteers in order to enhance their skills and thus improve the quality of life of those they care for. We inform, train and accompany them in order to respond to their every need.


    We offer a specific cycle of 9 workshops, in face-to-face or virtual format, each one lasting between 1.30 and 2 hours and designed for minimum 10 to maximum 15 people. The workshops are given by experts in the different fields of the School (psychology, nursing, physiotherapy and social work).

    The School's training is made up of three areas:

    1. Knowing: technical content. Aimed at acquiring knowledge.

    2. Being: principles and values. Focused on recognising affection and motivation (emotions).

    3. Doing: tools and skills. Aimed at providing resources and empowering caregivers.


    • Emotional comfort: Resources and tools are provided to help caregivers manage emotions and cope with their situation. A complementary session on "The person and dementia" can also be requested, learning about the course of the disease and with tips for a healthier way to manage the whole process.

    • Physical Comfort: This workshop focuses on the essential aspects of physical care, providing guidance and tips in areas such as hygiene, problems with mobility and sleep, the risk of ulcers, how to move people and also postural changes. A specific workshop on "Nutrition and dietetics" is also offered to examine this area in more depth.

    • Caring for Carers: Focused on improving self-care through techniques to identify, recognise and express one's feelings, mindfulness and group interaction and support. To complement this session, there is also a "Yoga workshop" as an introduction to this practice that can be so beneficial for the health.

    • Inspiration to Create: A place to express emotions in order to enhance your own creativity as a personal resource within an environment of mutual support.

    • Quality care: Tools are provided to ensure good quality care, helping caregivers to feel confident about handling moments of intimacy and care.

    • Let's talk about grief: Grief is presented from an active perspective, providing insight into the process and helping to express emotions.

    You can sign up for the entire cycle of training activities or for specific workshops, depending on your interest or availability.


    Write to us at info@escueladecuidadores.lacaixa.org or call 900 22 30 40 Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Una mirada a la Fundación ”la Caixa”

sábado, 21 sep. 2019

Buenos hábitos para evitar el alzhéimer

En la Fundación Pasqual Maragall, entidad a la que apoya ”la Caixa”, nos cuentan que los buenos hábitos podrían evitar hasta uno de cada tres casos de alzhéimer. Hablamos con Nina Gramunt, neuropsicóloga, y con Humildad Garrido, cuidadora.