The ”la Caixa” Volunteers Association was set up in 2015. It is made up of both current and retired employees of the institution, as well as family, friends and customers who take part in charity activities.

    Thanks to support from CaixaBank and the ”la Caixa” Banking Foundation, we currently have over 4,400 active volunteers shared across 39 departments working on different actions according to the needs of their region.

    All of the actions we carry out as part of the programme are aimed at promoting values we deem fundamental, such as solidarity, cooperation, respect and commitment. We are people who think that it is necessary to get involved in social work and to help out social groups that are at a disadvantage.

    Ultimately, we are group that is committed to human rights, peace and human dignity and we are convinced that we can achieve a fairer and more equal society for everyone by providing our time and help.


    On an altruistic charity basis, ”la Caixa” volunteers focus their work on different social causes, providing vulnerable social groups with the help they need.

    The work we do is planned by 39 departments all across Spain, which are in charge of prioritising charity work. We carry out both on-going actions throughout the year as well as one-off ones, always for a charitable purpose.

    With the aim of generating a positive social impact, the scope of our actions is divided into 5 main areas.

    • Child poverty and social exclusion, to promote holistic development and the process of social inclusion for people in vulnerable situations, with a special focus on childhood.

    • Healthcare and the elderly, focussing on disability and mental health, old age and making healthcare for the elderly more human.

    • Employability and workplace inclusion for people with a higher risk of social vulnerability, aimed at re-socialisation through employment and inclusion.

    • Financial literacy, to help the population obtain basic skills in finance and economy self-dependency.

    • Various actions according to the social needs detected in each region and not included in the previous four lines, such as sports, leisure, environmental or cultural activities.

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    All current and retired employees of ”la Caixa” and their family and friends, as well as customers, who form part of the Volunteers Association, working on a charitable basis and promoting volunteering through different activities.

    If you are interested in joining the ”la Caixa” Volunteers Association, you need to fill out the form found here and we will get in touch with you: https://www.voluntarioslacaixa.org/registro.

Alma, la red social social

viernes, 7 feb. 2020

La fina huella que dejan los voluntarios

Cada semana Voluntarios de ”la Caixa” enseñan a niños a dar sentido a las palabras de los libros. Unos mejoran su comprensión lectora. Y los otros se van a casa satisfechos de la “fina huella” que dejan en cada uno de los pequeños estudiantes.