Call for applications Andalusia

Line of Action

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The aim of this call is to collaborate with non-profit organisations that carry out their projects in Andalusia, promoting initiatives aimed particularly at socially vulnerable people in order to improve their quality of life and foster equal opportunities.


    Applications can be submitted from 8 September, at 12 pm, to 29 September 2021, at 5 pm.


    The following organisations can submit applications to the call:

    • Non-profit organisations.

    • Social enterprises which, among the aims specified in their articles of association, explicitly state that their main objective is to promote social interests or cohesion.

    Public administrations and entities that form part of the public sector cannot apply as project managers in this call but they can partner a social organisation submitting a project as manager.


    Up to 75% of the cost of the project can be requested. Projects may be submitted:

    Individually: the amount requested cannot exceed €40,000.

    As a partnership: the amount requested cannot exceed €60,000.


    The call covers six areas of action:

    1. Elderly people and the challenges resulting from ageing.

    2. People with a physical disability or mental disorder.

    3. Humanising health.

    4. Combating child and family poverty and marginalisation.

    5. Socio-occupational insertion.

    6. Interculturalism and social action.

Register and certification

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    To submit a project, organisations need to be registered with the new Call Application website.

    To register for the first time on this platform, a form needs to be completed and the following documentation provided:

    1. Identity document of the person responsible for making the application.

    2. Accreditation for the person representing the organisation (template available on the website).

    You won't be able to continue making your application until ”la Caixa” Foundation has validated your registration, so it's important to register as soon as possible. It may take up to 3 working days to validate a new user registration request.