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    Calendar for the social calls for applications

    • Promoting of autonomy and care for ageing, disability and illness:
      2 February 2021.

    • Child poverty and social exclusion:
      4 April 2021.

    • Social action in rural areas:
      1st stage: 7 April 2021.
      2nd stage: 23 June 2021.

    • Employment integration:
      5 May 2021.

    • International Cooperation:
      12 May 2021.

    • Housing for social inclusion:
      9 June 2021.

    • Interculturalism and social action:
      23 June 2021.

    • Regional Andalusia:
      8 September 2021.

    • Regional Canary Islands:
      8 September 2021.

    • Regional Burgos:
      22 September 2021.


    Through the Programme of Subsidies for Social Initiative Projects, we work together with non-profit organisations to promote initiatives aimed particularly at people in a vulnerable situation, the aim of which is to achieve social inclusion, promote equal opportunities and improve quality of life.

    These calls reinforce and complement the lines of action carried out by "la Caixa" Foundation itself in the social area, in accordance with its Strategic Plan and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals established in the United Nations Agenda.


Una mirada a la Fundación ”la Caixa”

lunes, 26 oct. 2020

Culturas unidas en una gran familia

Culturas Unidas, centrada en combatir el fracaso escolar, ha sido seleccionada por el Programa de Ayudas a Proyectos de Iniciativas Sociales de la Fundación ”la Caixa” por su trabajo con más de 400 familias en situación de vulnerabilidad.