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We analyse the impact of immigration in Spain.


    The Social Observatory of ”la Caixa” Foundation is a laboratory of ideas whose aim is to analyse real circumstances and situations in society, particularly related to ”la Caixa” Foundation's areas of action such as social inclusion, education, science and culture.


    The Social Observatory promotes an in-depth, constant analysis of Spain to uncover the problems affecting its society, not only the more obvious concerns but also those which are more difficult to detect. This work undoubtedly provides valuable, scientifically-based knowledge which we believe will contribute towards a more open and global society.


    The aim of this initiative is to enhance debate and dialogue concerning the new challenges for society arising on a daily basis. To achieve this, we provide society with social indicators, many of them created by the Observatory, as well as recent studies, reviews of books with innovative ideas and interviews with experts to provide an insight into the real situation we are facing and to reflect on it.

Una mirada a la Fundación ”la Caixa”

viernes, 8 mar. 2019

El camino imparable de la mujer
con Lucía Méndez

Los medios tienen una responsabilidad a la hora de favorecer el empoderamiento de la mujer. Eso es algo que sabe bien la periodista Lucía Méndez, cuyo compromiso la ha hecho merecedora del Reconocimiento 8 de Marzo de la Comunidad de Madrid.


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