Committed to the present and to the future of people

Thanks to its commitment to local socioeconomic development, since it was first set up ”la Caixa” Foundation has provided services in the areas of society, culture and civic life to improve people's quality of life.


    Over the years, the commitment and vocation that has characterised ”la Caixa” Foundation since it began has been reflected both in its financial activities and also in its Obra Social or work in society.

    All the work we've carried out, going back over more than 115 years, has helped to consolidate the fundamental values and principles of ”la Caixa”, contributing towards the progress of people. , especially those most in need. That's why we particularly focus on programmes with the greatest power to transform society, such as those that fight against child poverty and social exclusion, that foster employment and help to improve the living conditions of the most vulnerable people.

    ”la Caixa” Foundation also focuses on other areas that are vital in promoting progress and equal opportunities, such as medical research, high quality training, culture and education.

    Given the social commitment of ”la Caixa” Foundation to building a better society, the natural areas for it to carry out its work are Spain and Portugal.