We assist the elderly in their personal growth

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  • "Train yourself" workshops

    Sign up for our new online courses for older people and discover new healthy routines, keep fit or delve into the world of new technologies.

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  • The challenge of loneliness among the elderly

    Access the data and results of this survey, carried out with almost 15,000 people, to find out about the prevalence of loneliness in centres for the elderly and different strategies to tackle it.

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  • Short story competition

    Take part in the competition for short stories written by older people, organised by "la Caixa" Foundation in collaboration with Radio Nacional de España, to encourage reading and use of the imagination.

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At ”la Caixa” Foundation we support the elderly to improve their well-being and contribute to the good of society as a whole.


    With over 105 years of history, ”la Caixa” Foundation's programme for the elderly aims to continue supporting older people as they age, helped by their commitment and effective participation to improve their well-being and contribute to the good of society as a whole.

    We're fully aware of the valuable contribution older people can make to our society and want to provide resources that enhance their skills. To this end, we aim to be close to older people, maximising their opportunities for personal growth, providing a supportive network so they can live a full life and engage with their community and helping them to enjoy old age as a time of personal growth and development.

    We also want to support the elderly when they become more vulnerable and consequently require more extensive help and assistance. We therefore help to address situations of loneliness by empowering people, fostering a closer relationship with those around them, building a network in the community and raising awareness in society at large. We also help to address physical frailty through prevention and actions to reduce the risk of older people losing their functional abilities, as well as creating support networks at centres for the elderly.


    To support the elderly by maximising their opportunities for personal development and helping to build supportive networks that give them the chance to live full lives and engage with their local community.


    Everyone aged over 60.


    • By developing all the potential of people through training and sharing significant experiences.

    • By creating support networks.

    • By contributing to society. We rely on older people and need their commitment and involvement, both at our own 63 centres and also the 555 centres for the elderly run in collaboration, to contribute towards the good of society as a whole.

    • By collaborating with a range of institutions, public authorities and third sector organisations to make old age a time for personal growth and development that contributes to a society in need of its elderly.