The digitalisation of society has led to new ways to pass on information and opportunities for online participation. That's why, during the pandemic, we have created a range of digital resources to support older people remotely and encourage them to take part in the digital environment.

This section contains information on our online digital resources with different activities to help the elderly, from their own homes, to interact with other people and find information of interest related to the new challenges of the future.

Recursos on-line

  • Cycle of free films for the elderly

    Enjoy one film a month, free of charge, as well as discussing and reflecting on the role of older people in society.

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  • Short story competition

    Take part in the competition for short stories written by older people, organised by ”la Caixa” Foundation in collaboration with Radio Nacional de España, to encourage reading and use of the imagination.

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  • Seminars and colloquiums

    Access different seminars and talks that address issues that affect the elderly, such as their care or the loneliness that many of them experience.

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  • Covid-19

    We share some thoughts regarding the challenges involved and advice on how to cope with the changes brought about by the appearance of COVID-19 in our lives.

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