2nd cycle of free films for the Elderly

From 26 July, with the film All Together, we'll be looking at friendship and shared living related to the elderly.

The Virtual Cineforum film cycle forms part of ”la Caixa” Foundation's Programme for the Elderly and the aim, apart from enjoying a film, is to have the chance for an open, group discussion to reflect on and discuss current issues.

The idea is to create opportunities to think and talk about significant aspects of our lives: the role played by older people in society, the importance of learning to live with loss, the consequences of stereotypes and ageist language for our well-being and health, the meaning of life, etc.

The subjects proposed for the coming months are:

  • Film 'Back to Mom's'

    How technology affects older people

    You can watch the film Back to Mom's, in which a 40-year-old woman is forced to return to her mother's house after she loses her job and her husband walks out on her.

  • Film 'All Together'

    New ways of living together

    With the film All Together, in addition to enjoying this tribute to the elderly, we'll also be looking at friendship and shared living.

  • Film 'The Bucket List'

    ...What if i'm diagnosed with a serious illness?

    With the film The Bucket List, we'll look at the many opportunities life still offers and how to take advantage of them, overcoming the prejudices and differences that separate us all.