Knock on the door

Reaching out is the first step in helping older people who are lonely.
Let's make them visible.

What's hidden behind the doors of your city? What's going on inside? Behind some of those doors, the most frequent sound is silence and loneliness is the only companion. That's why ”la Caixa” Foundation strives to tackle loneliness through the Always Supported programme. Through the Red Cross and other agents and organisations, our aim is to promote support and well-being among the elderly, to empower them and make them feel part of a society that's committed to them. You can also help us to achieve this:

  • By helping to detect such situations in your neighbourhood.

  • By raising awareness of the programme among all those who might be interested or wish to collaborate.

  • By taking part as a volunteer in one of our activities.


The Always Supported programme is implemented by town councils and organisations in Palma, Jerez, Logroño, Tàrrega, Tortosa, Lleida, Santa Coloma de Gramenet and Girona.

For more information, call us on
900 223 040
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Always supported. Programme to support the elderly