At”la Caixa” Foundation we believe that people can grow through independence, responsibility and dignity, developments which we believe are irrespective of a person's age. That's why, although life's goals may change, it's vital to encourage personal growth throughout our lives.

    Based on this premise, we promote activities to foster the personal development of older people.


    By developing skills, encouraging reflection and empowering people to live their lives as they wish, in accordance with their values and focusing on three main areas:

    • Living well, feeling better. The aim of this programme is to provide resources so that people can feel more in control of their own lives, maximising their abilities and potential. Activities:

      • Living the life I want.

      • Living positively.

      • Living is discovering myself .

    • A life with purpose. An invitation to take a personal journey in search of a better life. To this end, we reflect on relevant aspects of our lives and, along the way, look for different resources, abilities and personal skills so that, in spite of the difficulties and losses life may bring, we are capable of living it to the full, even during a pandemic.

    • Respect, a question of dignity and rights. The aim of this workshop is to raise awareness and provide information on older people's rights and empower them so they can fully enjoy this stage of their lives.