Reading books and watching films; much more than mere pleasure

We create activities to encourage discussion about an issue addressed by a book or film.

We encourage culture as a means of improving relations among the elderly.


    Books and films, the two great pillars of culture, provide opportunities for personal development and can be enjoyed at any age, benefitting people in a variety of ways.

    That's why ”la Caixa” Foundation organises activities to foster individual and also group reading and to create the opportunity to discuss and reflect on significant aspects of our lives, with a book or film as the point of departure.


    By stimulating and exercising cognitive aspects such as attention, memory, creativity and imagination, as well as fostering relations among the groups carrying out the activity, encouraging discussion and conversation based on something as pleasurable as reading a book or going to the cinema. Specifically, via two activities:

    • Great Readers: get-togethers to discuss a book read by everyone, chosen especially for the issue it addresses.

    • Cineforum: watching a film and then talking about its content.

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