Cycle of free films for the Elderly

As from 22 February, with the film The Intern, we'll discuss the role to be played by the elderly in our future society.

Book your place by calling 900 223 040.

The Cinefórum virtual film cycle forms part of the ”la Caixa” Foundation's Programme for the Elderly and the aim, apart from enjoying one film per month, is to have the chance for an open, group discussion to reflect on and debate current issues.

The idea is to create opportunities to think and talk about significant aspects of our lives: the role played by older people in society, the importance of learning to live with loss, the consequences of stereotypes and ageist language for our well-being and health, the issue of the meaning of life, etc.

The subjects proposed for the coming months are:

  • Film 'The Intern'

    What does society expect from the older people?

    As from 22 February, with the film The Intern, we'll discuss the role to be played by the elderly in society in future.

  • Film 'Song for Marion'

    Living with loss

    As from 22 March, with the film Song for Marion, we'll address the topic of adapting to loss, the difficulties involved and its relevance.

  • Film 'Space Cowboys'

    Ageist language

    As from 26 April, with the film Space Cowboys, we'll analyse ageist language and the importance of stereotypes and self-perception regarding old age.