Uniting sinergies to promote the fundamental right of data protection whilst also promoting innovation, sustainability and digital ethics


    ”la Caixa”Foundation has joined the Digital Pact for the Protection of People, an initiative launched by the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) to promote a firm commitment among signatories to privacy in their sustainability policies and business models, reconciling the fundamental right to data protection with innovation, ethics and competitiveness. This initiative aims to strengthen data protection rights whilst also promoting innovation and sustainability.

    The initiative represents a great agreement among citizens in the digital sphere in which privacy is valued as an asset for both public and private organisations, the ultimate aim being to help combat violence in the digital environment.

    This project seeks to strengthen the rights of citizens and organisations in the digital environment whilst also raising awareness that a right might be accompanied by an obligation. To do so, it is necessary for all stakeholders involved in the digital sphere to be aware of the consequences and liabilities involved in disseminating particularly sensitive content.


    By joining this Digital Pact for the Protection of People, ”la Caixa” Foundation has agreed to undertake the series of commitments that are detailed across the three documents that make up the Pact.

    Charter Letter

    As a signatory to the Pact, we undertake to implement its principles and recommendations and, as additional commitments, to raise awareness among our employees and users of the Priority Channel to request the urgent removal of sexual or violent content from the internet, along with the other resources and tools provided by the AEPD (available within the Digital Pact) aimed at raising awareness of the value of privacy and the importance of processing personal data, also in the workplace.

    Commitment to Responsibility in the Digital Sphere

    We also assume our specific obligations in the digital sphere and undertake to be particularly diligent regarding the most significant ethical principles related to privacy:

    • To foster maximum transparency so that users know what data is being collected about them.

    • To promote gender equality and the protection of children, survivors of gender-based violence and those in vulnerable situations.

    • To guarantee that technologies do not perpetuate bias of any kind or increase existing inequalities, avoiding algorithmic discrimination on the basis of race, origin, belief, religion or gender, among others.

    Ten Golden Rules of Good Privacy Practice

    We are committed to respecting the different points defined in the Ten Golden Rules of Good Privacy Practice . We have therefore joined the fight against the different forms of cyber-violence and digital violence (which are mostly aimed at women, minors, people discriminated against on grounds of sexual orientation or race, people discriminated against because of disability or serious illness or those at risk of social exclusion) and thereby promote the privacy of victims.

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    More detailed information on the Digital Pact for the Protection of People can be found at https://www.aepd.es/es/documento/pacto-digital-en.pdf.