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  • No, the committees’ decision is final and unappealable. The submission of an application for a ”la Caixa” fellowship implies the applicant's express acceptance of both the programme entry requirements and the decisions made during the selection process for applications.

  • No. ”la Caixa” Foundation fellowships are awarded on a competitive basis, which means that the individuals evaluating the applications make their decisions by choosing those who, in their opinion, are the best among those applying. Every year, ”la Caixa” Foundation receives a very large number of applications in all their fellowship programmes. For this reason, the fact that an application has not passed the selection process does not necessarily mean that it has weak points or mistakes, but instead, there were other applications that received more favourable consideration than those that were finally rejected based on the criterion of the panels of professors evaluating them. For more information related to the evaluation process, visit the "Application assessment" section in our website.

  • No. According to standard practice in the selection processes using the peer review system, applicants are not informed of the identity of the individuals who will evaluate their application or of the composition of the selection boards who will interview the applicants. Nevertheless, once the selection processes have ended, a list of all the professors and researchers who took part in them will be made public.

  • Yes. You will find this information in the "Application assessment" section in our website.

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