Population-based cardiovascular prevention: challenges and opportunities

If you missed the CaixaResearch Conference, you can now watch on-line the talks given by Dr. María Neira (WHO) and Dr. Valentín Fuster (CNIC, Mount Sinai Hospital).

See Dra. Neira's talk
See Dr. Fuster's talk

Diseases of cardiovascular origin are the primary cause of death worldwide. Hence, the importance of making the population aware of the different cardiovascular risk factors that surround us as such as sedentary lifestyle, smoking, poor diet, obesity, hypertension and stress, among others.

In addition to knowing the risk that cardiovascular diseases may involve and the most appropriate prevention measures, reflection is needed on the situation and the issues facing patient-focused biomedical research with clinical application in the cardiovascular field to take on new challenges and opportunities in the study.

”la Caixa” Foundation, in collaboration with the Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Cardiovasculares (CNIC) and the HM Hospitales Foundation, is promoting the CaixaResearch Conference «Population-based cardiovascular prevention: challenges and opportunities» which, based on scientific evidence, will set out to show the best way to control the factors that determine cardiovascular health and the best way to act.


    The conference will foster discussions around the best way to control the factors that determine cardiovascular health and the best way to act upon them.

    The session will focus on three main vascular medicine topics:

    • Clinical research and population health.

    • Challenges in prevention.

    • Therapeutic innovation.

    Check out the conference agenda.


    Researchers in any stage of their scientific career, doctors, entrepreneurs, politicians, scientific journalists and engaged citizens.




    14 March, from 9 am to 2.15 pm.


    CaixaForum Madrid.