CaixaResearch Institute, a project for the future

To tackle the most prevalent pathologies, such as neurological, oncological and infectious diseases, through the study of immunology

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A sustainable building with advanced scientific infrastructures

The new CaixaResearch Institute next to the Science Museum CosmoCaixa will be integrated within the natural setting of Collserola

A new flagship building will house the CaixaResearch Institute in Barcelona, next to the Science Museum CosmoCaixa. Following planning approval by Barcelona City Council and the Catalan government, ”la Caixa” Foundation has continued to move forward with this architectural project, designed by TAC Arquitectes.

The building’s net surface area will total approximately 19,000 m2, housing state of the art facilities for scientific work, such as wet and dry laboratories, scientific and technical services and areas for innovation, as well as offices for management and administration tasks and areas to receive and welcome visitors, in which events, training and networking initiatives will also be held.

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  • 2022
    Scientific project defined

  • 2022
    Construction starts on the building. Architectural project by TAC Arquitectes

  • 2023
    Work begins to attract and recruit talent

  • 2024
    Opening of the first areas in the architectural complex

  • 2025
    Construction and adaptation of the scientific facilities completed