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Frequently Asked Questions

You will find a list of the most frequently asked questions below.

This list is regularly updated and contains useful information for completing your application.

If the answer to your query is not here, please contact [email protected].

  • We understand the Beneficiary of the Call to be the non-profit legal entity that owns the Assets resulting from the scientific research and/or innovation activities. Specifically, universities and university foundations, research and transfer centres, technology centres, hospitals and hospital foundations, and non-profit organisations whose main activity is research, located and registered in Spain or Portugal. The Beneficiary will be awarded with a grant for the Project, which will be managed according to the conditions established within these Rules for Participation.

  • We offer you expert guidance advice and grants for the preparation and implementation of a Valorisation Plan for proprietary or patentable assets resulting for research and the creation of a Commercialization Plan. The economic support includes a grant of up to €100,000 for the implementation of approved Valorisation Plans. Besides this, the Programme includes the support of mentors; contact with businesses, entrepreneurs and investors; and specialist assessment and training in different areas.

  • The Beneficiaries of the Call may receive a Valorisation Grant for the implementation of the approved Valorisation Plan.

    The Valorisation Grant will consist of the following:

    » An amount for a maximum of €50,000 for the implementation of the approved Valorisation Plan.

    » An extra amount for a maximum of €20,000 up to €50,000, which may be requested and approved after reviewing the Valorisation Plan. Such extra amount will be subject to approval by the LCF and CCR based on clear justification of the need of this increase and mentor feedback.

  • Yes, one centre could develop different projects. Each application has to be associated to one protected or protectable asset resulting from the research and subject of the Valorisation Plan.

  • No, established companies are explicitly excluded of this Programme.

  • No, because it is required exclusive or almost exclusive dedication to the Project.

  • The Participant of the Project has to be who attends the Specialised Trainning activities. However, a lot of activities, events and sessions will be also open to members of the team or the Receiver (research and transfer centres, technology centres, universities and university foundations, hospitals and hospital foundations, etc.).

  • Exclusive or almost exclusive dedication to the Valorisation and Commercialization Plans, as well a minimum 80% assistance to the Specialised Trainning and Mentoring activities. Participants may not be involved in more than one application.

  • Yes, a project may be selected although it lacks a patent or utility model application.

  • Yes. In the case of co-owned assets or projects in consortiums, all stakeholders should endorse the application through the grant on-line system. Legal entities from all EU member states can be part of the consortiums as long as the consortium is leaded by a Spanish or Portuguese legal entity (the Beneficiary of the Programme) that owns or co-owns the asset.

  • In the case of project in consortiums, the Beneficiary will receive and distribute the project funding among the other consortium members as specified in the valorisation agreement. The Beneficiary will be responsible to justify the expenses incurred by all consortium members that execute the Valorisation Plan.

  • Industrial or intellectual rights of property belong to the beneficiaries. Regardless, receipt of grant for valorisation implies economic rights over the future creation of a company or over agreements or future licenses that will be reinvested in future editions and beneficiaries of the programme, and which will be included in the Valorisation Agreement has defined a reimburesement procedure following three different ways to exploit the asset. Check the section 10 (Exploitation), 11 (Reimbursement) and 12 (Suscription right) of the Rules for participation for more information.