The Contemporary Art Collection of the ”la Caixa” Foundation preserves the memory of our present, connects Spanish art with international trends and represents a valuable resource that allows us to spread and raise awareness of contemporary art and promote its study.

    Since 1985 we've gathered together about 1000 works of contemporary art with a clearly international perspective and the desire to represent all artistic practices, from painting and sculpture to photography and video art.

    Joseph Beuys, Antoni Tàpies, Gerhard Richter, Bruce Nauman and Juan Muñoz are just some of the names in our collection, whose aim has always been to demonstrate the diversity of the visual and conceptual discourses of contemporary art.



    A great collection that can be enjoyed by everyone.

    The CaixaForum centres and national and international museums and institutions hold exhibitions of items from the Collection, organised based on a current discourse or an aspect intrinsic to the practice of art.

    These exhibitions help independent curators and contemporary creators to express their view of art, keep our Collection alive and reflect the spirit of our era.

    Informative activities

    Exhibitions are always accompanied by informative activities designed to provide the public with greater insight into the creators and their creations.