We organise performances of essential pieces of music at particularly emblematic venues. We call them "participative concerts" because the public also takes part in some choral parts of the piece. These concerts provide a unique experience, bringing together amateur singers and fans of choral music with internationally renowned orchestras, soloists and directors to perform emblematic pieces from all kinds of symphonic and choral repertoires.


    For all those who love music and want to enjoy a unique experience where they can perform, together with professionals, some of the leading pieces of classical music of all time.


    The Participative Messiah
    Messiah by G.F. Handel was the first piece to be performed when the participative concert project started back in 1995. Since then it has been sung in over 20 different towns and cities. This oratorio is based on fragments from the Bible focusing especially on the arrival of the future Messiah. It is one of the best known and most emblematic pieces by the German composer, especially after his death when it started to be performed regularly and almost constantly up to the present day. By participating in this piece, singers can perform choruses as famous as the Hallelujah together with internationally renowned large orchestras, soloists and directors. The singers taking part spend several weeks rehearsing the work together with expert directors, constantly learning from this process and resulting in a well-prepared concert characterised by the enthusiasm and energy of the amateur choir.

    The Participative Musical
    The Participative Musical is a concert for choir, soloists and musicians that offers an attractive journey through the history of Broadway musicals, from the very beginning up to the present day, using adaptations of some emblematic pieces written by the most representative and outstanding composers of the genre.

    More Participative Concerts
    Along the same lines we also propose other emblematic pieces of symphonic and choral music that can be performed using the participative format:
    Carmina Burana, Mozart's Requiem and Great Opera Choruses, as well as a selection of the choral parts from operas that have made history (Macbeth, Carmen, Aida, Madam Butterfly...)