We are with you,
to keep on going

Digital resources of
the CaixaProinfancia programme

Here at ”la Caixa” Foundation, we’ve been by your side throughout the lockdown. Since then, there are huge lessons that we have learnt from the situation of which we should not lose sight from. Now we are staying by your side to help you move on with your head held up high and feeling full of hope for the future.

Están hablando enel lenguaje de las sonrisas

From the CaixaProinfancia programme we have been at the side of families for continuing to give them opportunities despite the adversity that the health crisis has brought about. “There is no better exercise to be healthy and happy than to smile. Everything will be fine". These are the words of Amina, mother of Sami and Zaid and beneficiary of the programme, that have inspired the illustration of the artist 72Kilos, and that teaches us that difficult moments such as the ones we have experienced during the pandemic, are more bearable if faced with a smile.