Promoting educational transformation


EduCaixa Evidence

Transforming education based on the use of evidence

Evidence-based education is promoted and educational assessment encouraged as a tool that provides reliable, relevant information to make informed decisions.

Assessment of educational programmes

”la Caixa” Foundation supports centres with their assessment and use of evidence in their educational practices. Through a call for applications, transformative educational programmes can apply for funding and the assessment is carried out at the centre itself by a team of expert evaluators.

Evidence database

”la Caixa” Foundation promotes the transfer of reliable knowledge via a collection of educational evidence carried out in collaboration with the Education Endowment Foundation. The Platform for Effective Educational Practices is an online tool that brings together high quality academic evidence at an international level.

The aim of this platform is to help teachers and management teams promote informed decision-making and the use of educational evidence as a key factor in pedagogical progress and higher quality education.

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