The emergency scholarship program is aimed at students in humanitarian emergency situations, refugees or students in forced mobility, whose countries of origin are going through wars that prevent them from continuing with their academic training.


    The program offers a very complete set of services to the student, which includes the application and admission process in universities and polytechnic institutes in Portugal and Spain, welcoming and accompanying the student throughout the year, in addition to taking care of their accommodation, food and miscellaneous expenses.

    This Program is the result of alliances that involve academic institutions, donors, the public and private sectors and is based on a holistic approach that seeks to offer students not only conditions for academic success, but also their integration into the local community.


    This program, developed by the Global Platform for Higher Education in Emergencies, has mainly supported Syrian students but is evolving to broaden its scope and become a true rapid response mechanism for higher education in emergency situations to be able to support potentially any student from a country in conflict or that has been destroyed by a natural disaster.

    The scholarships created with funding from the ”la Caixa” Foundation / BPI are intended to support 51* students who wish to complete their master's or academic degree for two years.

    (*49 students completing 2 academic years and 2 students completing 1 academic year each).


    Through financial support, but also through proximity monitoring that allows detecting problems at an early stage and finding timely answers to their solutions. The objective is, of course, to provide the students with the conditions so that they can be successful academically and complete their training, but also to find a personal balance and well-being that makes them feel, as far as possible, at home. To do this, especially in summer, we seek to provide the students with a complementary program of activities aimed at improving social skills, for example, or through professional practices.

    Once the studies are completed, given that the students cannot necessarily return to their country immediately, the platform also seeks to ensure their insertion into the labour market.


    At universities and polytechnic institutes in Portugal and Spain.