The ”la Caixa” Foundation Fellows' Association: a network of talent


    The ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows are a community of thousands of people who live all over the world and share the common bond of having received a ”la Caixa” Foundation fellowship at some point in their lives. They have all kinds of backgrounds, professions, interests and talents, making them a rich and diverse international group, spread across a generational spectrum that extends from 1982 to the present day.

    In this time, the ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows have become a reference at the academic and professional level, with people who contribute, following the spirit of the ”la Caixa” Foundation, to build a better future for all.

    The advantages of being part of this group are forever: the ”la Caixa” Foundation fellows maintain their relationship with the community for the duration of the fellowship and beyond its end.


    To keep up to date with the activities organised for the fellows and their professional achievements, you can check the ”la Caixa” Foundation Fellows website and follow us on Twitter and Youtube.