Every day we strive to share the demanding situation faced by the most unfortunate among us and help them achieve the decent life they deserve.


    Our goals

    • Provide individualised social attention for those living in poverty, relieving their needs and giving them the necessary support to help them become a part of society.

    • Work together with local social organisations and set up a collaborative network with other institutions and bodies.

    • Enhance personal potential. 

    • Improve quality of life and encourage dignity and independence.


    People living in poverty and at risk of exclusion from society. 


    1. Home

     We provide personalised assistance for people and/or families, actively listen and carry out an initial assessment of the areas to be followed up with each person. 

    2.  Social evaluation

    We study people's needs and potential, evaluate the reports produced by other professionals and observe indicators of social and psychosocial risk.

    3. Family plan

     We attend to basic needs and include the person in one or more social assistance programmes (Child poverty, Employment Integration, etc.). We pass on cases to other institutions, both public and private, to ensure they collaborate in the recovery of each person or family unit.

    4. Monitoring

    By knowing people, the real situation of their lives and by being committed to each one of them.