We are with you,
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”la Caixa” Foundation Incorpora program

Here at ”la Caixa” Foundation, we’ve been by your side throughout the lockdown. Since then, there are huge lessons that we have learnt from the situation of which we should not lose sight from. Now we are staying by your side to help you move on with your head held up high and feeling full of hope for the future.

Ya sabes cómo salir de todo esto. Trabajando juntos

Finding a job opportunity or starting a business opens up a whole new world for all of us, especially for those who are at risk of social exclusion. This is the goal at which the Incorpora program from ”la Caixa” Foundation is aiming at. In this comic strip, the artist 72Kilos drew inspiration from the voice of Alí Jeri, one of the beneficiaries of the Incorpora program, who found a new job opportunity during the health crisis.