#ISing Carol of the Bells is a new participative project that has brought together over 150 people to perform the Christmas Carol of the Bells.

This great choir is made up of 5 choirs plus individual singers from different parts of the territory. For 2 weekends, all of them have worked together with musicians and audiovisual experts to create this participative choral video.

The bells of the Cathedral ring out and the city is transformed into a Christmas story.

If you want to find out how it was filmed, take a look at the making of Carol of the Bells!
Available free of charge on CaixaForum+.

GIO Symphonia orchestra.
Veus - Cor Infantil Amics de la Unió (children's choir).
Barcelona Ars Nova choir.
Participating choirs:
Cor Gospel d'Aro.
Cor Gospel Girona.
Cor Maragall.
Cor Preludi.
Coral Xàntica.
Individual participants.
Choral direction: Mireia Barrera.
Stage direction: Sergi Estebanell.
Arrangements: Daniel López.

Idea and direction: Igor Cortadellas (Igor Studio).

With the collaboration of the Chapter of Girona Cathedral.