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Apply for a postgraduate scholarship abroad.


    With the aim of creating synergies and informing as many people as possible about the Postgraduate Fellowships call for applications, we would be grateful if you could help us disseminate the communication materials among potential candidates.

  • FAQS

    • How should the communication materials be disseminated?

      To ensure effective communication, first of all we recommend a mailing to explain the details of the call to the students.

      Then we suggest publishing the downloadable posts about the call on all social media channels, taking into account the texts proposed for publications contained in the Recommendations for promoting the call on Social Media.

      We also recommend printing the posters in A4 or A3 format to publicise the call at the university or centre.

    • How should the results of the publications be shared?

      ”la Caixa” Foundation is grateful for your help in promoting calls among the students. To optimise the communication materials, we would like you to help, as far as possible, by providing us with some important data on the pieces published on your digital channels: a description of the audience reached, screenshots of your publications on social media and the language in which your posts were published.


    You can send any doubts or suggestions to: [email protected].