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    Through ”la Caixa” Foundation's Calls for Social Projects, we work together with non-profit organisations to promote initiatives aimed particularly at people in a vulnerable situation, the aim of which is to achieve social inclusion, promote equal opportunities and improve quality of life.

    These calls reinforce and complement the lines of action carried out by ”la Caixa” Foundation itself in the social area, in accordance with its Strategic Plan and in line with the Sustainable Development Goals established in the United Nations Agenda.


    ”la Caixa” Foundation's organises its Calls for Social Projects 2023 by Autonomous Community or Autonomous City, meaning that projects from different fields of action can apply to the same call.

    Moreover, nationwide calls are held for social action projects in rural areas and international cooperation projects.

    Organisations and delegations with an agreement in force for any of the 2022 ”la Caixa” Foundation Calls for Social Projects can also submit an application this year. To do so, they must provide proof that they have covered costs equivalent to 40 % or 50 % of the grant (depending on the call in question) and submit a report on the status of the project.


    Each of the calls by region include the following seven areas of action:

    1. Elderly people

    2. People with a physical disability or mental disorder

    3. Health and illness

    4. Poverty and social inclusion

    5. Socio-occupational insertion

    6. Social harmony and interculturalism

    7. Social action


    Call start dates by region:

    Nationwide call start dates: