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General Information

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The purpose of this call is to support projects in municipalities with under 10,000 inhabitants that are adapted to their region and their social needs to improve quality of life and create opportunities for families, children, adolescents, women, the elderly and people at risk of social exclusion.


    If you want to receive information about the social calls in a particular Autonomous Community or City or calls for international aid projects and social action in rural areas, you can fill out your details in the form below.

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    When the start dates for the calls that you have selected in the form are coming up, you’ll receive notifications about them: details about the information sessions, reminders about the deadlines, etc.



    The term for sending in projects will run from 17 May 2022, at 12 noon, to 9 June 2022, at 5 pm.


    The following types of institutions can apply for the call:

    • Non-profit organisations.

    • Social economy institutions that specifically state in their Articles of Association that their main goal is the betterment of society or social cohesion, among other purposes.

    The public authorities cannot apply for this call.

    These organisations should be recorded in the Administrative Register of their Autonomous Community.

    These organisations should be recorded in the corresponding Administrative Register and be domiciled in Spain.

    This year, organisations and delegations can apply if they have a valid agreement for 2021 calls of the ”la Caixa” Foundation’s Social Initiative Project Support Programme.


    The call includes six fields of action:

    1. Elderly people and the challenges of ageing

    2. People with functional diversity or mental disorders

    3. Humanising health

    4. Fighting against poverty and social exclusion

    5. Social and workplace inclusion

    6. Promotion of the value of local communities and social cohesion

Presenting and accrediting the project

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To present a project, the applicant organisation must get accreditation on the new Call Software and, to do so, it must register one person as its representative.

If your organisation has presented a project in the 2021 Social Initiative Project Support Programme, it will already be accredited, you will just need to check whether you need to update some of the legal documents.


    Registration is always open. You need to fill out the necessary information and upload the following documentation:

    • The user’s National ID Card (DNI) or Foreigner’s ID (NIE) (a copy of both sides of the card).

    • Accreditation for the organisation’s representative, signed by the organisation’s legal representatives (form available for download on the call software).

    Until the ”la Caixa” Foundation validates the registration, the applicants cannot continue with the application, as such it is important to complete this as soon as possible. The validation process can last up to 3 working days from when the documents are submitted.

    Once the representative is registered, the process to accredit the organisation and the application process can begin.


    To apply for the organisation to be accredited, the representative must fill out the basic information on the organisation and upload the following documents:

    • Copy of the organisation’s tax ID document.

    • Copy of the registration of the organisation with the Autonomous Community’s administrative register.

    • Memorandum of Association or Founding Charter of the organisations as included in its Articles of Association. The Memorandum of Association and Article of Association must be in force and recorded in the corresponding register..


    The application must be completed online using the form on the new Call Software.

    The application must be completed with all the information requested on the form and must be submitted before the call deadline. Information or documentation submitted outside the software or after the deadline will not be accepted.