Vulnerable people: people with a disability or mental disorder and those at risk or marginalised from society (young people who've dropped out of school, the long-term unemployed, people aged over 45, women at risk of social exclusion, prison inmates, migrants...).

    Companies: the programme offers companies a resource for corporate social responsibility related to employment integration, in collaboration with the branch network of CaixaBank and company centres (CaixaEmpresa) in the region in question. 

    Social organisations: together with associated social organisations, the programme generates more employment opportunities in ordinary firms via a network of job developers. 

    Professionals in the area of occupational insertion: the programme enhances the professionalism and ability to find employment of the social organisations within the programme, as well as providing vocational training for job developers.


    We help people at risk of social exclusion to find employment, contributing to a more socially responsible region. 

    And we do so via different approaches:

    Through the "Incorpora" programme, we encourage corporate social responsibility in firms to transmit the value of employing disadvantaged groups. 

    And we also provide training and offer the services of job developers to support both companies and workers and ensure their employment goes smoothly. 

    Offering opportunities to everyone is a way of contributing to the progress of individuals but also to the progress of our society. The aim of ”la Caixa” Foundation is to get close to companies and social organisations to ensure they work with the mutual objective of facilitating employment.



    We offer a complete service of support at all stages of the insertion process, from training and recruitment to definitive integration, at no cost for the firm.

    Moreover, in collaboration with the entire branch network of CaixaBank, we also offer an alternative resource for corporate responsibility in employment integration.

    • Advice on employment regulations

    • Selecting professional profiles

    • Designing and implementing insertion itineraries

    • Guidance in the adaptation process


    Social organisations

    To enhance their ability to find people employment we provide training and improve the professional skills of the social organisations within our programmes.