The Reincorpora programme of ”la Caixa” Foundation offers prison inmates the chance to build a different future and become fully integrated within society with the help of personalised itineraries.  Participants improve their skills and reinforce values that will help them integrate within society and find employment.


    Inmates of penitentiary centres during the final stages of their sentence. 


    The Reincorpora programme of ”la Caixa” Foundation, via an itinerary for socio-occupational insertion agreed with the participant,  is divided into a series of modules or phases:

    1. Selection: actions aimed at choosing those who'll take part in the programme via a previously defined, standardised procedure.

    2. Employment positioning: actions aimed at supporting participants in their personal and professional development, working with and for the person. Both individual and group actions are carried out during this phase.

    3. Professional training and practice, not via employment: including training aimed at improving the participant's skills, combining training in universal skills and theory with non-employment practice in an ordinary firm; among other aspects helping participants to demonstrate what they have learned in the classroom and reintroducing them into the world of work.

    4. Services to the community: helping participants to prepare for and carry out supportive services in response to the needs of the community. Combining the knowledge acquired in training with providing services for society, enhancing skills, abilities and values as well as encouraging involvement in society and civic commitment.

    5. Active search for employment and occupational insertion: individual and group actions related to socio-occupational guidance, aimed at showing, supporting and guiding participants while they are actively seeking employment, during their integration and also while they carry out their job.


    It should be noted, however, that these phases are not necessarily developed in all itineraries nor are they necessarily consecutive but can overlap depending on planning requirements and the personal needs of each participant. However, the selection phase does take place in all types of programme.