Line of action

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Comisart forms part of the ”la Caixa” Foundation's Call for Projects Support for Creation to encourage emerging curators.


    Comisart is aimed at art curators under 40 years of age, with Spanish or Portuguese nationality or resident in Spain or Portugal, who have previously curated at least three exhibitions. Any curators who already have well-established careers will not be accepted.

    The three participants selected will receive a grant of €6,000 and benefit from the resources and advice of ”la Caixa” Foundation exhibitions team.

    Comisart is a two-yearly programme involving three exhibition projects based on items from ”la Caixa” Foundation Contemporary Art Collection and the MACBA collections. We are always committed to innovative projects, both in terms of interpretations and reflections and also regarding the creative approach and forms used.

    The exhibitions will be included in the annual programming of CaixaForum Barcelona and there is also the possibility of them becoming travelling exhibitions, as well as potential collaborations with other institutions. The exhibitions may also include work by young artists embarking on their careers as a complement to ”la Caixa” Collection, provided these works already exist and do not form part of another institution's collection.

    Each project will be developed over a period of four months. During the first month, curators will have access to the Collection and to ”la Caixa” Foundation and MACBA teams in order to define the project, while all the work to prepare the exhibition will be carried out in the following three months.



    No projects or additional documentation can be submitted outside the deadlines established in the Comisart rules unless the organisation announces an extension of the deadline specified in these rules.

    Start of the call for applications
    1 June 2022

    End of the call for applications
    21 September 2022

Register and certifications

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    To present a project the applicant needs to certify his/her eligibility via the applications website, which will provide an access code (username and password).

Project presentation

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    Projects are presented the applications website for the call for applications using the username and password obtained during certification. No physical documentation will be accepted.

    To present a project correctly all the data fields in the different tabs of the website application must be completed and the project presentation form provided by the application must be enclosed, as well as any complementary documentation.

    Participation in this call for applications implies that the applicant agrees that the jury's decision is final.