Symphony, a unique immersive musical experience

Classical music and virtual reality come together in this immersive audiovisual journey for all kinds of audiences.

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An immersive audiovisual experience that invites you to feel classical music like never before

Symphony is an immersive audiovisual experience that takes spectators on a journey through the emotions and music with the aim of bringing classical music to all audiences. Spectators will be able to experience and truly understand classical music, feeling like musicians in an orchestra.

Thanks to this unique experience, they'll enjoy compositions by Beethoven, Mahler and Bernstein performed by the great conductor Gustavo Dudamel and over 100 musicians from the prestigious Mahler Chamber Orchestra.


    The Symphony experience takes place in two areas. In the first room, an audiovisual is projected onto a large screen with a surround sound system, offering the chance to immerse ourselves in a universe of images and sounds as a prelude to the subsequent VR experience.

    The second room is dedicated to the immersive experience using Virtual Reality equipment and viewers. 


    The visual concept of this virtual reality experience combines real images filmed in 360° with computer-generated images and visual effects. For the music, a state-of-the-art recording system has been used to provide a 360° sound experience. A complete approach that combines the latest technology with visual and musical sensitivity and creativity.