We help you to move forward - onwards and upwards

Digital resources of ”la Caixa” Foundation's Programme for the Elderly

”la Caixa” Foundation has been at your side during the lockdown and the situation has taught us some vital lessons we must not forget. Now we're still at your side, to help you move forward, onwards and upwards, with an optimistic look in your eye and full of hope for the future.

Vivir. Siempre nos quedamos con lo bueno. es la forma ideal. Cosas menos buenas. Cosas buenas. 72kilos

“It's important to remain positive and keep looking for ways to do what gives meaning to our lives”. These are the words of Antonio, a beneficiary of the Programme for the Elderly, and they've inspired an illustration by the artist 72Kilos, reminding us that the most important thing is to remain positive and never stop pursuing everything that gives meaning to life, especially at such difficult times as the pandemic.