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We're starting up new online courses for older people.

Are you an active person who's never lost the desire to learn? Why not feed your curiosity with our online courses for seniors.

Add experiences to your life through a healthy diet, exercise and routines that will help you to live better.

Because learning is an experience that knows no age.

Online courses

  • In form I

    This module covers how to do aerobic exercises that focus on flexibility, strength and stamina. And, of course, skills such as balance and coordination.

  • In form II

    With this course you'll be able to strengthen your lower back and pelvis. You'll work on core stability exercises and discover the benefits of hypopressive exercises and relaxation techniques.

  • Waking up with a smile

    Would you like to wake up every morning feeling you've had a great night's sleep? This course will help you review the different phases of sleep as well as the problems we might face as we get older, and we'll help you to improve your sleep with daily routines.

  • Nourish your well-being I

    Diet is a source of health and being aware of its importance is crucial to enjoying a better life. In this course you'll learn how to eat a balanced diet in line with your needs.

  • Nourish your well-being II

    This course looks in more detail at food intolerances, discovering what they are and the alternative foods available. We'll also talk about the relationship between medicines and food. And as we realise that cooking for one is a lot of effort, we'll also show you how to eat well without any cooking!

  • Learn to use WhatsApp

    In this online course you'll learn how to use the WhatsApp mobile app to communicate with the people you know.

  • What is Zoom and how does it work?

    Would you like to participate in video-conferences but don't know how? This online course teaches you how to use the most widely used programme for group video chats.